Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple – Tarkasur Demon Meditated at This Location & Worship Lord Shiva

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple – Tarkasur Demon Meditated at This Location & Worship Lord Shiva

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple approx. 38 km from Lansdowne (Yes, I am at Lansdowne. Cool, Clean, and Green. Beautiful in short) and thought to visit. A thought – visit by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark/hire a taxi/a sharing jeep?

Rajesh Dhyani, an editor of Jagrook Uttaranchal, was consulted as he stays at Sadar Bazaar.

There is no regular sharing jeep available from Lansdowne for the Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple. Only a single sharing jeep is present during afternoon hours for Tarkeshwar. Cost Rs. 50 per person.

The jeep runs at 2:30 afternoon hours from Lansdowne. The jeep will drop you at Gundalkhet Village to walk 1-2 km to reach the temple. Only the next morning between 7:30 – 8:00 the jeep returned to Lansdowne from Gundalkhet Village. That is why hire a taxi to and fro. If not, visit in your own vehicle.

But I saw a display board for Tarkeshwar somewhere down the hills. Few jeeps were present too – I inquired.

That is Derakhal – 5 km from Lansdowne. One toll-tax barrier (chungi) is there – correct?

Yes, Yes – said I.

But again sharing a jeep will drop you 5 km before the temple and walk the only option.

Ok – said I. Taxi preferable. I drop the idea of visiting by motorbike.

What would be the charges for the taxi to and fro for the temple?

Rs. 1000 – said he but for you Rs. 800.

He said he would arrange a taxi. Thank you said I.

Tomorrow afternoon, is that Ok? – Ok said He.

The next day afternoon hours Sonu Rawat was present with white color Indica and us towards the destination – Tarkeshwar Mahadev.

The road towards Tarkeshwar is zigzag but good in condition. The scenery is all-around enough to mesmerize. Sonu is attentive while driving 30-35 kmph maybe the speed I guess.

After one hour of the spellbound journey from Lansdowne, finally, I was at Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple. Only three other private cars were present. Fewer people for sure. I am sure Tarkeshwar is a little above or almost the same somewhere around 5,000 feet in elevation. The display board talks about those people destroying and harming Devdar trees (Himalayan Cedar), leaves, and bark. Not to do so – a notice. Here trees are worshiped. Save Trees – for public welfare

Appreciated and I walk further. The more I was walking the more I was surrounded by Devdar trees. The different atmosphere. Trying to believe where I am. Unbelievable but it is true I am at this location. Prayers!!!

After prayers, I requested Shri Sandeep Ji – The priest to narrate The History of Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple.

Discovered 600 years back. Tarkasur demon meditated at this location and worship Lord Shiva. As per his immense devotion, Lord Shiva appears. Tarkasur asks for a boon to be immortal and if killed only by the son of Lord Shiva. The boon was granted.

Tarkasur started killing saints, and sages and destroyed the peace all around. Lord Shiva was once again approached by sages and requested to stop Tarkasur from evil.

Lord Shiva married Parwati – the daughter of the Himalayas. Kartikeya was born.

The day Tarkasur knew about Kartikeya – The son of Lord Shiva he had an intuition his days are numbered and his death is for sure. He immediately went to Lord Shiva and asks for pardon. Lord said your end is for sure by Kartikeya but yes, as you are a true devotee you will be remembered in Kalyug along with my name. Your name will be attached to my name, and you will remember too. Thus, Lord Shiva is also known as Tarkeshwar Mahadev.

Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple is siddh-peeth of 84 villages Earlier days there was a shivling existing within the temple but is not visible nowadays. Nowadays an idol of Lord Shiva performing Tandava is presently discovered a few years ago at the same location where the shivling was present.

On 15th May there is a religious fair known as fasal (crop) puja. During this day crops are ready but first, they are offered to Lord Tarkeshwar Mahadev before selling to the market. One more religious fair is organized in the month of October. Other than this during Maha Shivratri, a huge rush of devotees is seen to offer prayers. A deodar tree present behind the temple deity is a must-watch. One can see Lord Shiva Trishul on top of the same. It is said Lord Shiva is present and is in deep sleep within this location. The bells all around the temple area are offered by devotees once their wishes are fulfilled. They are in thousands if I am correct.

And I talk about a Dharamshala present within the temple area.

Yes, it is of Swami Rama – a famous saint.

More prayers and a walk toward the surroundings. I wish I had more time to stay at this location. Maybe next time – said I and towards Dharamshala to know more about the same.

Pt. Titu Bhai (0-94583 75526/89795 22406) was present. He is the manager of the Dharamshala as well as Ashram. Upon query, he said – one can stay but prior information about the visit is required. Food is provided by the Ashram.

Swami Maheshwari Das mediated at this ashram for 27 years and was the founder. Swami Anand Bharti, and Swami Rama visited this location. It is also said earlier years many sages, and saints visited this location for meditation.

I agree. If in the year 2011, this location is so pleasant what it was years ago – a thought.

Please serve tea – a request from Titu Ji.

Tea was served, and I read the painted wall clearly saying breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided but as per Ashram rules.

I with folded hands request for leave as evening hours are approaching fast and I have to travel 38 km approx. With memories, I started walking toward the parking area. Have to visit again maybe one night’s stay for sure. Meditation for sure, Kirtan for sure.

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