Jail Bhajiya House – Run by Inmates Serving Life Term

Jail Bhajiya House – Run by Inmates Serving Life Term

I was staying at the Heritage House in Ahmedabad. I planned to visit Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati and Jail Bhajiya House. Google map was showing both places near to each other.

I started walking to Ahmedabad railway station to hire an auto. The Ahmedabad Railway Station is a 10-minute walking distance from Heritage House. If I had an Ola or Uber app, I would have hired an auto from Heritage House. Anyway, I ask an autowala – How much for Gandhi Ashram?

He said – 150 rupees. I sense that he is charging more. I keep walking and ask another autowala – How much for Gandhi Ashram?

He said- 70 rupees. I hired him.

Within 15 minutes I reached Gandhi Ashram. After visiting Gandhi Ashram, I question another autowala – How much for the Jail Bhajiya House?

He said – 20 rupees. I hired him.

Within 5 minutes I reached the jail bhajiya house. I regret why I hired an auto. Jail Bhajiya House is within 5 to 7 minutes of walking distance from Gandhi Ashram. Anyway, it was my first Ahmedabad visit. These things will happen.

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Jail Bhajiya House is a popular place if you are looking to visit something different place in Ahmedabad. Here prisoners prepare Bhajiya for normal people like us. I purchased bhajiya.

It was given on plain white paper. I walk towards sitting arrangements to have hot bhajiya with Kadhi. Kadhi was there in a jug and unlimited for eaters.

The taste of Bhajiya was good. This place is well-maintained and runs by prisoners. Currently, they serve two types of Bhajiyas, Potatoe bhajiya and Methi Bhajiya.

You get the bhajiys by weight – 100 gms, 200 gms. You buy a token for the amount you want, and then you stand in a short queue to get your freshly fried bhajiyas.

The restaurant isn’t in jail. Life-term convicts are given the freedom to come and work here. The idea behind this Jail Bhajiya House is to help inmates to earn money for themselves and their families, and it also helps these inmates to reform themselves and lead a decent social life once released from jail.

Jail Bhajiya House timings: 8 am till 8 pm 24x7x365 days open.

I was happy after visiting the Jail Bhajiya House. Something different I visited.

Now it was time to return to the Heritage House.

An autowala was standing outside Jail Bhajiya House. I ask him – How to go to Khadia?

He said – cross the road and wait for a shared auto. The auto will charge 15 to 20 rupees.

Thank you – said I.

I crossed the road and waited for an auto. A shared auto came, and he dropped me at Ahmedabad Railway Station for just Rs. 15. So cheap. I was happy because I reached the railway station for just Rs. 15.

And now I started walking towards Khadia to reach the Heritage House with the memories of the Jail Bhajiya House.

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