Lucky Tea Stall in Ahmedabad Built Around Graves and Coffins

Lucky Tea Stall in Ahmedabad Built Around Graves and Coffins

During the tour of Ahmedabad, I stayed at Heritage House in Khadia locality. Jagdip Mehta is the owner of a heritage house. I question – How far is Lucky Tea Stall? He said – approx. 15 minutes walking distance. And I decided to go. I along with Pankaj my friend took the help of a Google navigation map and started walking towards Lucky Tea Stall. Google navigation map was 100% accurate. We reached Lucky Tea Stall near Lal Darwaja.

The menu was displayed on the wall.

The menu was displayed on the wall but still, I questioned the waiter – What is Lucky Tea Stall’s favorite item?

He said – Lucky Special Tea and Mix Fruit Jam Maska Bun.

I requested two Lucky Special Tea and two Mix Fruit Jam Maska Bun.

Within minutes order was served.

The tea was hot and mix fruit jam maska bun was delicious. I noticed we were having tea and bun with the people who have long passed away. There were graves around us. We were dining with the dead. Chai in the company of the dead in Graveyard.

Rs. 20 for special tea and Rs. 28 for bun maska. Paid.

Now we were walking toward the cash counter to know more about the tea stall. I question – How old is this tea stall?

It was established in 1950. It was a 26 graves graveyard.

And what are the timings of the shop?

The shop opens at five in the morning and opens till one at night. 24x7x365 days open.

If you are in Ahmedabad and did not visit Lucky Tea Stall, your tour is incomplete. The popularity of Lucky Tea Stall is well known as the heritage of Ahmedabad.

Interested in art? You will find M.F. Hussain’s painting here hanging on the wall.

One of the oldest tea stalls in Ahmedabad and the world’s only tea stall built around the graveyard. A visit one simply cannot miss.

A tree growing through a restaurant – is another attraction.

One of the unique restaurants in Ahmedabad where the living come to dine amongst the dead.

Thank you – said I for the great information. Thanks a lot.

One must visit Lucky Tea Stall if touring Ahmedabad.


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