Homestay at Bagi Village (near Devprayag)

Homestay at Bagi Village (near Devprayag)

Bagi Village (Devprayag) is 65 Kms approx. from Rishikesh (Uttarakhand).

I started Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike from Rishikesh at 1:30 pm and reached Bagi Village, Devprayag at 3:35 pm. Total journey hours from Rishikesh to Bagi Village, Devprayag is 2 hours 5 minutes.

Note: Once you reach Devprayag do not turn right to cross the iron bridge over Bhagirathi River. Drive straight for approx. 1 km to reach the Power House on the right-hand side. Enter inside the powerhouse. 100 meters approx. is Bagi village consisting of 12-15 homes.

The oldest home is 200 years old as said by the villager though no one stays as it is in dilapidated condition.

Village homes – a mixture of stone, mud, and cement.

The best about the homestay is that it is along the river Bhagirathi river and surrounded by dense greenery. The homestay owner enhanced knowledge by showing Vaital Shila and narrating the history behind the same and further enhanced knowledge about Surya Kund inaccessible these days due to the dense jungle.

One can walk towards the Bhagirathi river and spend time on the banks as it is a quiet place to sit and meditate.

Regarding food, as I was not interested in having dal, chawal (rice), or roti upon the request the village house owner prepared the food of Uttarakhand.

On day one for dinner, I had Rajma Urad, Gawar ki Fali (homegrown), Pahari Kheera ka Raita, Roti, and Sabudana ki Kheer. Delicious it was.

On day two for breakfast, I had Chunani Roti with Phari Kheera ka Raita – traditional food of Uttarakhand. I liked Chunani Roti. It was so tasty.

For lunch, I had Arbi aur Kashifal ke Patte (homegrown) ki Sabzi, Ches, Jhangora – traditional food of Uttarakhand. Sabzi was my favorite.

Another best part of the village is the early morning visits and chirping of birds. Between 6-7 early morning hours one can watch many birds such as Red-billed Blue Magpie, White Crested Laughing Thrush, Oriental White-eye, Jungle Babbler, Black Crested Bulbul, Mynah, etc., etc.

Rs. 600 per night (double bed) I paid for the stay.

For breakfast, I paid Rs. 60, and for lunch – Rs. 80, and for dinner Rs. 80.

In short village life is very peaceful because of lesser homes, dense greenery, and mountains around. As soon as the Sunsets village life closes for the day. Electricity is available.

It is a good option for staying if you are visiting Devprayag as Sangam (confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda) and Raghunath Ji Temple are approx. 1 km from the village. The motorbike can reach till village but for four-wheelers, one has to park nearby the Power House.

You can also visit Chandrabadni Devi Temple as it is approx. 30 km from Devprayag and Karni Mata temple approx. 14 kms.

I enjoyed the village homestay thoroughly especially Uttarakhand traditional food such as Ches Roti, Ghet ka Phana.

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