Vrindavan to Mathura Jn. via E-Rickshaw – How much I Paid?

Vrindavan to Mathura Jn – How to reach, especially early morning hours?

Auto and E-Rickshaw – two options?

GOLDEN TEMPLE (12904) – The train was at 05:50 am at (MTJ).

I decided to hire/book an entire auto or an E-Rickshaw a day before so that the train is not missed.

I met Neeraj Nishad (0-95573 87475) an E-Rickshaw driver who was ready to drop me at Mathura Jn the next day early morning hours.

Vrindavan to Mathura Jn – The fare?

Rs. 300 – Neeraj said.

I tried to bargain for Rs. 250 but he said that the fare he said is the genuine one.

Done – said I.

The next day early morning at 4:30 am he arrived at my Vrindavan friend’s house and dropped me at Mathura Jn at 5:05 am.

The total journey hours from Vrindavan to Mathura Jn (15 km approx.) were 35 minutes.

If I remember correctly in the year September 2013 I paid Rs. 250 for an entire auto booking from Vrindavan to Mathura Jn as I was getting late to catch the train. Rs. 300 as per my knowledge is the correct fare. What say? Agree or not?

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