This is The Second Time I Have Stayed in This Marvadi Dharamshala at Prayagraj

2013 I attended Maha Kumbh Mela at Allahabad (Prayagraj). Though I stayed in a tent at Sangam, I kept my luggage at Shri Marvadi Agrawal Dharamshala at 30, Sammelan Marg near Chandralok Talkies only for Rs. 50 per night.

This time during my Prayagraj visit I opt again to stay at Shri Marvadi Agrawal Dharamshala.

As there is no contact number provided, one has to try his luck whether the dormitory or room is available or not.

I was lucky. One room with an attached bathroom/toilet was available.

The rate: Rs. 500 per night with a double bed, blanket, cable television, air-conditioner, fan, and geyser.

I immediately said Yes.

As it was winter season that is why the room rate was Rs. 500, otherwise, the same room cost per night during summer – Rs. 900.

As a budget traveler, Rs. 500 per night with an attached bathroom/toilet, television, blanket, fan, and geyser is a good deal.

I wish there were two more facilities.

  1. Tea & Meal
  2. Flexible Timings

Dharamshala opens its door only at 6 am and closes its gate at 10 pm sharp. 24-hour checkout.

There are two more types of rooms available.

The cost – Rs. 200, Rs. 300 with no bathroom/toilet i.e, common one you have to use.

Yes, you can wash your clothes inside your attach or common bathroom, and to dry there is ample space to hang clothes.

The dormitory is also available for Rs. 50 per night with/without luggage storage. A blanket will be provided for Rs. 5 per night.

Note: Toiletries and towels are not provided by the Dharamshala. You have to carry your own. A maximum 3-night stay is allowed.

I stayed there for 2 nights as everybody has to leave Dharamshala as there was some pre-booked marriage function.

For marriage booking (within 4 months), the entire Dharamshala is available for Rs. 35,000 per night.

As I had to leave Dharamshala I found another one nearby known as Shri Chini Dharmada Dharamshala (opp. Nagar Nigam) at Zero road. The room rate per night was Rs. 250 with very basic facilities and a common bathroom/toilet. Check-In: 8 am.

There is one more Dharamshala nearby known as Jain Dharamshala where room (Rs. 400) was unavailable.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed staying at both Dharamshala as a budget traveler. Both were clean.

Please note: Due to lots of mosquitoes I purchased Good Knight mosquito repellent coil.

The location of all these Dharamshala is centrally located. Bus Depot is nearby as well as Sangam.

If again I have to visit Prayagraj (Allahabad), I will again opt for Marvadi Dharamshala.

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