Clean Shave/Head Massage in Vrindavan – How much I Paid?

SMART LOOKS MEN’S PARLOUR at Raman Reti in Vrindavan, I visited for a clean shave/head massage.

The barber first applied Gaily Face Wash before going for a clean shave.

Gaily Face Wash was a new experience. Never experienced it before.

In different cities, different ways of barbers to make the beard soft before the clean shave.

Few apply Dettol mixed with water, Few apply cream, and Few face wash.

After the face wash, Gillette foam was applied for a clean shave.

The results – As similar as any other salon.

How much are the charges for a clean shave?

Rs. 50 only.

Cheap – isn’t it?

How much for a head massage? – I question.

Rs. 100 with ‘Thanda Thanda Cool Cool’ Navratna oil  – said the barber.

Please do – I requested.

Head/Shoulders/Arms and Back were massaged strongly.

Why don’t you apply hair color? – the barber question.

Which brand do you use for hair color?

Matrix – The barber replied.

Never heard of –  a thought.

And the charges?

Rs. 250 – said the barber.

Anyway, not now. Maybe some other day.

All I can say is – The clean shave was as good as in any other barbershop but yes, I enjoyed the face wash and the massage.

Yes, the barbershop was air-conditioned having only 4/5 people seating arrangements, and the timings were 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.

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