Where Do I Had The Best Kachori in Vrindavan?

Where can I have the best Kachori in Vrindavan? – I question my local friend.

He took me to RadhaVallabh Kachori Wala located a little further from Hari Nikunj Chowraha and a little before Vidyapeeth Chouraha on the right-hand side.

Kachori is also known as Bedai in Vrindavan. Here you will enjoy Kachori/Bedai with aalu (potato) sabzi (gravy) mixed with dahi (curd). You will love it. It is one of the most famous breakfasts of Brajwasi and one of the finest, most authentic Kachori/Bedai of Vrindavan. Delicious Kachori/Bedai with sabzi at a reasonable price. They make out of the world, yummiest urad daal stuffed Kachori/Bedai – said, my local friend.

How old is your kiosk – I question to RadhaVallabh Kachori/Bedai wala.

20+ years – He replied.


8 am – 1 pm.

Delicious breakfast to start my day. Better to visit by bike or on foot.

Service was fast. Within minutes super hot Kachori/Bedai was served with gravy mixed with curd on a disposable plate made from leaves.

Traditional taste, absolutely yummy. Kachori/Bedai is crispy with gravy/curd and is so tasty. It’s a treat for my taste buds. Ultimate snacks. One of the best I have eaten to date. Love the style of gravy they prepare. Awesome taste.

RadhaVallabh Kachori/Bedai wala kiosk is not fancy. Very simple arrangements and very few seats for sitting arrangements but not to worry when the Kachori/Bedai is excellent.

And the cost?

Rs. 15 per piece along with unlimited gravy.

Cheap – isn’t it?

I must say my local friend was not wrong. Great place to start the day. Incomparable. Would love to visit again. Worth visit.

A big thumbs up for RadhaVallabh Kachori/Bedai wala. A fine place for breakfast. Can try one more another day for the sake of Vrindavan.

The owner is very polite.

I stayed a few days in Vrindavan and for three days early morning hours, I visited RadhaVallabh Kachori/Bedai wala and had Kachori/Bedai.

It is so awesome…..I vouch for it….mouth-watering….satiating Indian snack.

It’s no wonder the shop is local and now my favorite too. Do visit once.

In short, RadhaVallabh Kachori/Bedai wala is the place where I had the best Kachori/Bedai in Vrindavan.

RadhaVallabh Kachori/Bedai wala also accepts party orders. Contact: 90279 54054

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