Radha Rani Mansarovar Temple – Shri Radha Once Came to this Place after Getting Annoyed with Shri Krishna

Radha Rani Mansarovar Temple is 10 approx. km from Bhandirvan and is in Mat tehsil.

When Lord Krishna did Maha Raas Lord Shiva in the form of gopi tried to enter Maha Raas. Lord Krishna smiled by saying: come, Gopishewari. This was not liked by Radha. She left Krishna and reached Mansarovar. This location is also named as Radhi-Rani Mansarovar. Each Purnima (full moon) devotees visit the temple. During Kartik Purnima, there is a huge rush of devotees to visit the temple. Braj Holi starts from this temple. This year, on 28th February 2011, Holi started from the temple. Within the temple, you can watch Lord Krishna requesting Radha to come back to Vrindavan which I personally never saw anywhere to date. Very interesting to watch. To reach one has to walk 3-5 km from Keshi Ghat, Vrindavan after crossing the Yamuna if not you have to hire an auto to reach. No other transport is available maybe.

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