About: Bhandirvan – Shri Radha–Krishna Marriage Venue

About: Bhandirvan – Shri Radha–Krishna Marriage Venue

Bhandirvan is in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

Braj 84 kos yatra i.e., 252 km pilgrimage within Vrindavan and nearby locations mostly by a group of people. A friend from Vrindavan organized and invited me to join. Why not – said I and I joined. It will be a 9 – 10 days pilgrimage starting with visiting Bhandirvan. But why 84 kos I question and a friend’s reply:

Once Yashoda and Nand Baba (father and mother of Lord Krishna) wish for Tirth i.e., pilgrimage. Lord Krishna – The son suggested that it is not that easy to do so because of their old age as well as the long tiring journey and tough climate conditions at a few places, especially at Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri. It is said Lord Krishna with his Godly power set up all Tirth within 84 kos for their parents to do pilgrimage and thus whoever does pilgrimage within the said location is known as 84 kos yatra. All location within 84 kos has their own story and importance.

We started our journey from Keshi Ghat toward Bhandirvan. Bhandirvan is the Shri Radha – Krishna marriage venue and is 5 km from Keshi Ghat, Vrindavan towards Naujheel.

We reach Bhandirvan. Om Bhardwaj Ji (0-9897243489) – a local famous knowledgeable person welcome us and narrated a few old stories about Bhandirvan:

Vatsasur (cousin brother of Kans) was a demon who once shaped himself as a calf and tried to kill Lord Krishna and Balarama ( brother of Lord Krishna ). Lord Krishna noticed that a demon has entered as a calf with other calves to do some evil. He caught Vatsasur and killed him but killing a calf is a sin said Radha and was angry about this thus, Lord Krishna has to bring water from all rivers and Tirth and have a bath to remove the sin. Lord Krishna dig well, brought water from all rivers and Tirth, and had a bath thus sin was removed. A huge Bhandara (a large gathering of people) was organized and Prasad, food was distributed thus the location was named Bhandirvan. (Palambasur another demon was killed by Balarama at Bhandirvan only)

(You can see Swastika pasted upon walls. It is people’s prayer for wishes to be fulfilled. Monday’s Amavasya (Monday’s new moon) it is said and believed the water of the well is as equal as milk and to watch the same hundreds of devotees visit and pray)

Another story:

Once Nand Baba (father of Lord Krishna) along with Kanhaiya (another name of Lord Krishna during childhood) and cows reached Bhandirvan to graze the cows. Suddenly a rainstorm started. Nand baba was confused about whom to save Kanhaiya or the cows. He started praying to the lord to save Kanhaiya, Cows and a miracle happened. A young girl in the midst of a jungle and rainstorm appeared and started walking toward him. She was Radha. She requested Nand Baba to hand over Kanhaiya to him and took Kanhaiya from Nand Baba towards Bhandirvat (a huge Banyan tree) and save Kanhaiya from the rainstorm. This was also watched by Lord Brahma. He appeared and Kanhaiya appeared as Lord Krishna and finally, Lord Brahma performed the marriage of Shri Radha – Krishna under the tree. Sage Narad did the Kanyadaan.

Very nice – said I. Very knowledgeable. I was very happy to be at this location. We started walking towards the well where Lord Krishna had a bath. Devotees along with us did Parikrama (a walk all around) and we walked towards Bhandirvat – The huge banyan tree. It is said during Lord Krishna’s time the banyan tree was so huge its branches were spread within the vast area and Lord Krishna along with Balarama and friends used to walk over branches to cross the Yamuna river.

Prayers and thoughts to visualize history. Anyways, we came back after prayers. Om Bhardwaj Ji was waiting as well as Pandit Mukesh Bhardwaj Ji in the temple.

The temple is especially famous as Lord Krishna is applying Sindoor (vermilion) within Radha’s forehead which is said never to be found anywhere in the world.

A nice session of bhajans and Holi songs was organized. Pandit Mukesh Bhardwaj specially sang some really nice Holi songs. Gulaal (pink color powder) was applied over faces, flowers were showered by friends, and devotees, and thus the tour was completed and with folded hands, we all left towards Vrindavan with memories of the past that are present till-date. Thanks to the people who organize such Yatras.

(In short: Fularia dooj is the day Shri Radha-Krishna got married and we visited Bhandirvan and celebrated Vyaula Utsav)

FYI: Magh mahina (month) “Vyahula Utsav” is organized and during Sawan mahina “Jhula” is organized.

The date is decided as per Panchang ( Hindu calendar ).

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