Clean Shave/Head Massage in Agra – How much I Paid?

Clean Shave/Head Massage in Agra I was thinking of while loitering around Sadar Bazaar.

I have always applied Gillette Shaving Foam, especially in Mumbai Suburban (home town) for a clean shave at an air-conditioned barbershop.

And I pay Rs. 100.

But this time during the tour to Agra, one of the barbers at Happy Men’s Salon (non-airconditioned) at Sadar Bazaar applied Galaxy Shaving Foam and charged Rs. 40 for a clean shave.

Before applying foam the barber applied a cream on the face and massage the face very well.

Here, I want to tell you some barbers apply cream before shaving and some do not.

Different cities, Different barber shops, and their Different choices to apply Different creams and Different branded shaving foam.

I have no objection till the goal is reached smoothly & hygienically.

Till-date now I have experienced four types of branded shaving foam – Gillette, Brooks, Cimelle & Galaxy.

The difference?

No idea.

All I can say – a clean shave was as good as in Mumbai Suburban barbershop or in any other city barbershop.

Now it was time for a head/shoulder/back/arms massage – my personal favorite.

Rahul – The barber was excellent with his strong hands/fingers.

How much do I pay?

Rs. 30 only.

How much for the haircut? – I question Rahul.

Rs. 60 only – The reply.

In short, the results were satisfying within budget no matter the salon was most ordinary. I was happy.

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