Deviram Sweets & Restaurant (since 75 years) – First One to Introduce ‘Bedai’ in Agra

Deviram Sweets & Restaurant (since 75 years) has five stores across Agra and I was at Pratap Pura store – the oldest and most famous one and not too far from Sadar Bazaar.

Recently, I was on an Agra Trip and had a chance to visit this store. Already a popular store heard a lot about this place before visiting Agra. Must-visit food store in Agra – I have to say after watching the crowd.

Deviram is famous for Bedai – puri fried & filled with spices & pulses (urad dal) served with sabzi and a spoonful of curd.

Bedai were being fried nearby and a guy was constantly filling a basket full and in no time it was disappearing.

Nice place overall for traditional breakfast/snacks. The customer has to buy coupons first to have Bedai/Jalebis/Lassi.

Their Bedai tasted scrumptious, yummy & heavenly – my first-time experience. Their spicy sabzi with dahi (curd) creates a magnificent aroma and taste in the mouth. Definitely value for money.

Bedai was first started by them only in Agra.

Timings: 7 am till 1 pm

The cost of crispy, crunchy Bedai is Rs. 12 per nag along with sabzi and curd. Bedai was served in leaf bowls.

I also had hot, perfectly fried, crispy Jalebis (Rs. 20 for 100 gm) and Lassi (Rs. 45) served in an earthen glass.

Environment friendly, isn’t it?

Bedai/Jalebis/Lassi was lip-smackingly good. It was awesome as per my personal experience. Superb, extraordinary.

There is nothing not to be loved about this place. All the eatables are freshly prepared and absolutely mouth-watering.

A must-visit place with your friends & family.

Please note: There are no sitting arrangements and parking vehicles might be an issue. You have to park the vehicle a little further.

Bedai is one of the most popular dishes that need to be on your list while you’re visiting Agra city. I Love such stores.

Guys, it is a must-visited store if u want awesome breakfast at a budget price.

Not only Bedai/Jalebis/Lassi they also serve Samosa with tamarind & green chutney in the evening hours starting from 1:30 am till 7:30 pm.

The cost of Samosa per nag again is Rs. 12 only.

They also sell two types of Boondi in the evening hours.

In short, a must-visit store if you haven’t had Bedai till-date and especially in Agra at Deviram Sweets & Restaurant.

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