Prepaid Auto Fare: Agra Cantt Railway Station to goSTOPS (Taj Nagari)

On 23rd August 2022, I reached Agra Cantt Railway Station via BAREILLY EXP (14313) at 6:30 am and my search for prepaid auto begins.

Within the Agra Cantt Railway Station area (near the taxi stand), I found a prepaid auto booth. Though the prepaid auto booth was closed due to water logging, a police person was present nearby busy making prepaid slips for autos.

An auto wala approached me with a query about where I wished to go.

I replied – Taj Nagari, R.K. Puram (approx. 7 km from Agra Cantt Railway Station).

He requested to hire his auto as he will approach police personnel to make a prepaid slip for the journey.

I agreed.

We both approached the police person who made a prepaid slip for Rs. 150 with no extra charges for luggage.

Thanks to U.P. Govt. & Agra administration for a prepaid booth for auto/taxi within railway station area – I have to say.

I suggest: Each tourist place in India should have a prepaid auto/taxi mandatory. It will help tourists a lot.

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