How much is the Laundry Cost in Agra?

I enquired with goSTOPS (Agra) employees about laundry services & laundry costs in Agra and they guided me towards a laundry service situated approx. 50 meters. Maybe goSTOPS in Agra is not having an in-house laundry service or is non-functional.

I walk and met Rajkumar (0-63951 00622) – the washerman.

Rajkumar runs a makeshift shop of various items (left side) and he also runs a laundry opposite it.

Upon query about the laundry cost, he said – 20 rupees per cloth without ironing. And if you wish your clothes to be ironed then Rs. 15 extra for a pair.

I gave him 3 clothes (Rs. 60) for washing only and he returned the clothes neatly washed and folded the next day morning.

Note: There are two laundry services close to goSTOPS. Rajkumar laundry services is a little further from the other laundry.

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