History of Lake and Temples in Mount Abu

History of Lake and Temples in Mount Abu

During the tour of Mount Abu near each tourist location, I read display boards narrating the History of Lake and Temples in Mount Abu. Thanks to Rajasthan Tourism. Though it was written in Hindi I am trying my best to translate it into English as a summary:

It is believed this lake is dug by God with nails thus the reason it is named Nakki Lake. Besides the Himalayas, it is the only natural lake situated at the height of 1200 meters above sea level in India. Each year Vaisakh Purnima (Buddha Purnima) nearby Tribesman visits Nakki Lake for the holy bath. Nearby is Raghunath ji temple.

  • Gaumukh Vashistha-Ashram

As per scriptures, it is known Lord Shree Ram and his brothers had Yog education at this Ashram of Arbudaanchal by Guru Vashistha. At Vashishtha ashram Saraswati river is flowing via Gaumukh.

Arbuda Devi temple is mentioned within Skanda Mahapurana written by Ved Vyaas. Goddess Arbuda is here as Kathyayini sixth form of Navadurga. The temple is approx. 5,500 years old. The temple is one of the Shakti Peeth out of 52. Arbuda Devi is also known as Adhar Devi.

Achalaleshwar Mahadev temple, Jain temple, and Gopichand ki Gufa (cave) one should visit at Achalgarh. Achalaleshwar Mahadev temple is one of the oldest temples of Mount Abu. Lord Shiva‘s great toe is worshiped at this temple.

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