Vashistha Ashram (Gaumukh)

Vashistha Ashram (Gaumukh)

We started our journey from Mount Abu town at 1 p.m. by hired jeep and reached Gaumukh within 15 minutes. There are approx. 750 steps downwards to visit Vashishtha Ashram. 15 minutes was approx. time for us to reach the ashram. All around the stairs are jungle and many mango trees. It is advisable to visit the ashram before the late evening because of the presence of wild animals in the area. While returning 30 minutes were the time taken by us to reach the top from where we started the journey. A must-visit place.

The guide enhanced my knowledge.

He said – approx. 5 km from Vashistha Ashram is Vyas Rishi ashram and a further few km is Gautam Rishi ashram.

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