Star Attraction of Nandankanan Zoological Park

The sylvan setup of the Park boasts for many special features, which lure the visitors.

Boating in Kanjia Lake on paddle or row boats in the aquamarine blue water is an exhilarating experience. The lake is also known for its rich floral and faunal diversity.

White Tiger and Lion Safari:
A twenty-minute drive through the meandering roads of these safaris, in a specially protected vehicle, takes you straight into prides of Lions and right in front of the unique White Tigers. It exposes you to a unique reverse situation where you are confined in a vehicle, and the animals are in open around you.

Nocturnal Animal House:
Many animals that only move freely at night but are almost immobile and hide in the thicket or in their burrow during the day are housed here. The twilight condition is created in these enclosures to stimulate these animals to become active to provide an opportunity to the visitors to know what these animals secretively do in the dark of the night.

Reptile Park:
A reptile park, with a life size tyrannosaurus at its entrance with a cave-like interpretation centre house 20 species reptiles including crocodiles, lizards, turtles and snakes.

Toy Train:
The toy train is a great attraction for the kids. It starts from the baby toy train station which goes round a circular track along the lake and thickly vegetated area with free ranging herbivores.

Cable Car (Aerial Ropeway):
This 620 meter long ropeway transports the visitors across the lake to the Botanical Garden on the other side, which has many rare and endangered species of flora from different parts of the world. A number of gardens and cactus house, orchidarium, rose garden and lots more to see. A first of its kind in any Indian Zoo.

Glittering fishes in aquaria are an added attraction.

If one has got time and an appetite for learning then the centrally located library, with a wonderful collection of books on wild life can serve you to your satisfaction.

(Source: Display Board)

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