The Cheapest/Best Maharashtrian Breakfast/Snacks I Ever Had in Mumbai Till Date

Gajanan Puri Bhaji, Chimbai Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra

Usha Hotel, Chimbai Road, Bandra (West) was the search. Google Maps Directions on mobile helped to reach the destination.

I was driving via Linking Road, following Turner road till I saw Chimbai road written at the entrance of the left-hand side lane.

A few meters straight inside Chimbai road – Usha Hotel on the right-hand side. A little further, almost opposite – Our Lady of Velankanni Statue (right-hand side), I saw a crowd outside a shop (left-hand side) in a queue.

I parked the motorbike and joined the queue.

Parking is an issue as the lane is narrow. Better to park a little before Usha Hotel.

As there was no display board mentioning the shop name, I inquired with a person in the queue – What’s the name of the shop?

Gajanan Puri Bhaji – He said.

I saw mostly ladies busy deep-frying puri and a man serving hot puri with aloo bhaji.

Within minutes, I requested the person present inside the shop – How much for puri bhaji?

Rs. 10 – 7 puri or Rs. 20 – 14 puri with aloo bhaji.

I requested Rs. 10 puri bhaji. Amount paid.

Are you Gajanan?

Yes, he said.

How old is your Puri Bhaji shop? – I question.

When there was no puri bhaji shop since then I am here. Earlier, my mother used to run the shop.

7 hot puri with aloo bhaji was served. Aloo Bhaji was a little spicy (carry a water bottle). The total taste – almost homemade.

I requested one more Rs. 10 puri bhaji. And the talks with the very friendly – Gajanan about his shop.

The shop opening time is 7 am till 11 am only. We also sell Poha, but it is finished now. You have to come early. In 2002 an article was published in a newspaper about the shop. At that time, Vada Pav cost was merely Rs. 2.50.

Thank you – said I. Will visit again someday.

The next day, I thought of visiting Chimbai Road again to have breakfast/snacks but at some other puri bhaji shop.

There are 3 puri bhaji shops at Chimbai road. All on the left-hand side.

This time I visited Savita Chimbaikar’s Puri Bhaji shop opposite Usha Hotel.

Savita sells various popular Maharashtrian breakfast/snacks such as Puri Bhaji, Upma, Poha, Sabudana Vada, Aloo Paratha.

I requested for Aloo Paratha. Within minutes, it was served hot. And the taste – again, almost homemade and less spicy.

How much for Aloo Paratha?

Rs. 15/- only.

After finishing Aloo Paratha, I requested Poha.

How much for Poha – I question.

Rs. 10 and Rs. 15 – Savita replied.

Rs. 10 Poha, please.

Within minutes it was served.

Again, less spicy and almost homemade.

Savita requested to taste Sabudana Vada.

How much for Sabudana Vada?

4 for Rs. 15.

I never had Sabudana Vada before. I requested for one only.

It was served hot and the taste – too good. Very crispy. Favourite now-onwards.

What’s the price for Puri Bhaji? – I question while having Sabudana Vada.

12 Puri Bhaji for Rs. 15 only.

That is so cheap – said I.

Mostly puri bhaji shops are running from 7 am till 11 am. So what do you do after 11 am? – I question Savita.

We also run a vegetarian tiffin service.

How much does vegetarian tiffin cost?

Rs. 80 – She replied.

Total – Rs. 28 I paid.

Rs. 15 for Aloo Paratha, Rs. 10 for Poha and Rs. 3 for Sabudana Vada.

Yesterday’s breakfast – Rs. 20 for 14 puri bhaji and today – Rs. 28 only.

Unbelievable cheap and hot, almost homemade breakfast straight from the kitchen and, the most importantly – prepared by ladies.

Before leaving, I question Savita – This road’s name is Chimbai road, and you are Chimbaikar. Any relation/reason?

A person was present there. He enhanced knowledge.

Chimbai is the village name, and the people living here are mostly Kolis – one of the oldest fishing communities of Mumbai, and their surname is Chimbaikar.

Thank you – said I. Knowledge enhanced.

Thank you, Savita. The breakfast/snacks were very nice. I will surely visit again someday – said I.

If you the readers visiting/in-around Bandra during morning hours and feeling hungry, for a quick hot, almost homemade Maharashtrian breakfast/snacks, please visit Chimbai village.

It is the most unbelievable Maharashtrian breakfast/snacks I had in Mumbai till date.