The Cheapest/Best Maharashtrian Breakfast/Snacks I Ever Had in Mumbai Till Date

The Cheapest/Best Maharashtrian Breakfast/Snacks I Ever Had in Mumbai Till Date

Usha Hotel, Chimbai Road, Bandra (West) was the search. Google Maps Directions on mobile helped to reach the destination.

I was driving via Linking Road, following Turner Road till I saw Chimbai Road written at the entrance of the left-hand side lane.

A few meters straight inside Chimbai Road – Usha Hotel on the right-hand side. A little further, almost opposite – Our Lady of Velankanni Statue (right-hand side), I saw a crowd outside a shop (left-hand side) in a queue.

I parked the motorbike and joined the queue.

Parking is an issue as the lane is narrow. Better to park a little before Usha Hotel.

As there was no display board mentioning the shop name, I inquired with a person in the queue – What’s the name of the shop?

Gajanan Puri Bhaji – He said.

I saw mostly ladies busy deep-frying puri and a man serving hot puri with aloo bhaji.

Within minutes, I requested the person present inside the shop – How much for puri bhaji?

Rs. 10 – 7 puri or Rs. 20 – 14 puri with aloo bhaji.

I requested Rs. 10 puri bhaji. Amount paid.

Are you Gajanan?

Yes, he said.

How old is your Puri Bhaji shop? – I question.

When there was no puri bhaji shop since then I am here. Earlier, my mother used to run the shop.

7 hot puri with aloo bhaji was served. Aloo Bhaji was a little spicy (carry a water bottle). The total taste – almost homemade.

I requested one more Rs. 10 puri bhaji. And the talks with the very friendly – Gajanan about his shop.

The shop opening time is 7 am till 11 am only. We also sell Poha, but it is finished now. You have to come early. In 2002 an article was published in a newspaper about the shop. At that time, Vada Pav cost was merely Rs. 2.50.

Thank you – said I. Will visit again someday.

The next day, I thought of visiting Chimbai Road again to have breakfast/snacks but at some other puri bhaji shop.

There are 3 puri bhaji shops at Chimbai road. All on the left-hand side.

This time I visited Savita Chimbaikar’s Puri Bhaji shop opposite Usha Hotel.

Savita sells various popular Maharashtrian breakfast/snacks such as Puri Bhaji, Upma, Poha, Sabudana Vada, Aloo Paratha.

I requested for Aloo Paratha. Within minutes, it was served hot. And the taste – again, almost homemade and less spicy.

How much for Aloo Paratha?

Rs. 15/- only.

After finishing Aloo Paratha, I requested Poha.

How much for Poha – I question.

Rs. 10 and Rs. 15 – Savita replied.

Rs. 10 Poha, please.

Within minutes it was served.

Again, less spicy and almost homemade.

Savita requested to taste Sabudana Vada.

How much for Sabudana Vada?

4 for Rs. 15.

I never had Sabudana Vada before. I requested for one only.

It was served hot and the taste – too good. Very crispy. Favourite now-onwards.

What’s the price for Puri Bhaji? – I question while having Sabudana Vada.

12 Puri Bhaji for Rs. 15 only.

That is so cheap – said I.

Mostly puri bhaji shops are running from 7 am till 11 am. So what do you do after 11 am? – I question Savita.

We also run a vegetarian tiffin service.

How much does vegetarian tiffin cost?

Rs. 80 – She replied.

Total – Rs. 28 I paid.

Rs. 15 for Aloo Paratha, Rs. 10 for Poha and Rs. 3 for Sabudana Vada.

Yesterday’s breakfast – Rs. 20 for 14 puri bhaji and today – Rs. 28 only.

Unbelievable cheap and hot, almost homemade breakfast straight from the kitchen and, the most importantly – prepared by ladies.

Before leaving, I question Savita – This road’s name is Chimbai road, and you are Chimbaikar. Any relation/reason?

A person was present there. He enhanced knowledge.

Chimbai is the village name, and the people living here are mostly Kolis – one of the oldest fishing communities of Mumbai, and their surname is Chimbaikar.

Thank you – said I. Knowledge enhanced.

Thank you, Savita. The breakfast/snacks were very nice. I will surely visit again someday – said I.

If you the readers visiting/in-around Bandra during morning hours and feeling hungry, for a quick hot, almost homemade Maharashtrian breakfast/snacks, please visit Chimbai village.

It is the most unbelievable Maharashtrian breakfast/snacks I had in Mumbai till date.

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