50,000 Kilometer – Fourth Time for RE Thunderbird 350 Battery Replacement

50,000 km – that’s what speedometer was showing and it was time to change the battery of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. Self-start was not working. Horn was not working. Neutral light on the cockpit or you can say Ignition green light, was also not at its full glow.

Its more than an year or two I changed the battery.

Sharda Motors – The one who always take care of motorbike, after inspection suggested to change the battery. Though Sharda Motors and Sons (Goregaon, Mumbai) is not official Royal Enfield service centre but still I am happy with their motorbike service & repair. They do service & repair only for Royal Enfield motorbikes.

This is the fourth time (including the first battery with the brand new motorcycle – Exide MX Freedom – warranty 12 months) I am changing the battery since motorbike purchased in the year 2010.

10 years journey. Almost like yesterday only I started the journey.

Anyway, two times I have purchased Exide battery and one time it was Amaron, if, I remember correctly.

This time Exide battery for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 was not available in the market. I tried hard to find out if any dealer/distributor having any Exide or any other make battery available for RE Thunderbird 350 but the reply was – No.

I contacted Justdial to sms contact numbers of motorcycle battery dealers/distributors. They send the numbers but again after dialing the reply was – No.

Then I got a call from indiaMART and they provided the number of MALLIK POWER from Ghatkopar, Mumbai. I contacted them. The person on the line said – Yes, we have the battery for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350.

How much the cost? – I question.

3200 – He said.

Costly – I said.

But then he said – its EXIDE Xplore, 14 Ah and with 48 months warranty.

That’s interesting – I thought.

I question – Do you visit home to change the battery? Because the bike is not well in running condition.

He said – Yes.

And what about old battery exchange price?

Rs. 200 – He said.

I said – fine. In the year 2012 when I changed the battery (Exide Bikerz with 15 months warranty for Rs. 2,400), the old battery replacement cost I got was Rs. 180 only. So that means I have to pay only Rs. 3000. I was happy because finally I got the battery which is 14 Ah and with 48 months warranty and during google search I found the price shown by results was high. I told them to visit home and change the battery. The person reached within one hour and changed the battery.

Rs. 3000 paid and old battery handed-over.

They gave warranty card and the Tax Invoice. The motorbike was working fine.

Thanks to indiaMART and thanks to Mallik Power. I was very happy after lots of calls done/received.

Now its time to re-start the journey but pandemic is there.

Maybe after few months, The journey continues..

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