About: Indira Gandhi Memorial (Delhi Heritage)

About - Indira Gandhi Memorial (Delhi Heritage)

This bungalow, situated on 1 Safdarjung Road, is among the many such residences that form a part of New Delhi, the capital of India built mainly between 1912-31. These single-storied buildings are set in large plots amidst generous greenery. Though they are often called Lutyens’ bungalows, after the architect and town planner Edwin Lutyens, they were mostly designed and built by the Public Works Department. 1 Safdarjung Road itself was planned and designed by the architect Sir Robert Tor Russell, and built in 1926. This house was the residence of Indira Gandhi, former prime minister of India, where she was assassinated on 31st October 1984. It now houses a museum and is also one of the few New Delhi bungalows open to the public.

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