Twice I Visited Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant (Estd. 1939)

I was searching on Google – the oldest South Indian/Udipi Restaurants in Mumbai, and I came across – Ram Ashraya, situated opposite Matunga Kabutar Khana, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

20,560 Google reviews and the best was its opening time – 5 am – I decided to visit.

It was early morning hours, and I reached below Matunga Z Bridge near Matunga Road Station (Western Line).

I parked the motorbike in front of Canara Bank and then upstairs to reach Matunga Z Bridge.

As Ram Ashraya’s location is on Google Maps, the moment I crossed Matunga Z Bridge, it confirmed – destination reached.

There was a queue, and I had to wait for 10 minutes for the table to be empty.

Ram Ashraya Udipi restaurant having only 30 plus seating capacity.

As I was alone, I got the single-seat/table early.

There was no printed/laminated menu on the table.

Today’s menu was written on the chalkboard and on display-board.

Idli Pudi, Upma Pudi, Goli Bhaji, Buns Puri, Tomat Omlet (Veg.), Ulundu Dosa, Pudi Dosa, Rasam Vada, Rasam Idli, Neilyappam.

What to request?

Though they have limited (8-10) menu items, still I am almost having zero knowledge about them.

Yet to know/have so many Indian dishes.

I requested the waiter to serve whatever he wishes to serve along with Filter Coffee.

The service was really quick. Coconut Sevai was served with sambar and coconut chutney.

Coconut Sevai was a little sweet though it was fresh, having cashew nuts in it.

It was OK OK in taste, maybe because I was having something sweet in the early morning hours.

Never ever had Coconut Sevai in my life. Till-date, I have eaten only Doodh (milk) ki Sevai at home-sweet-home.

Filter Coffee was excellent. Almost like Cafe Madras (Estd. 1940), another one of the oldest South Indian restaurants in Matunga, Mumbai.

Anyway, I was hungry. I requested Pudi Idli.

Pudi Idli was served with sambar and coconut chutney.

As the Filter Coffee was too good, I requested one more.

Altogether, Pudi Idli (having butter on top – as said by the waiter) along with Filter Coffee is excellent. Enjoyed thoroughly.

And the total bill amount – Rs. 170 only including SGST, CGST.


Coconut Sevai – Rs 55, Pudi Idli – Rs. 50 and Filter Coffee (2) – Rs. 57.

Another day, the wish was to re-visit Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant to have Filter Coffee again and something for breakfast.

Late morning hours. No queue. Easily found the table.

I remember, last time during the visit, I saw Lime Juice inside the refrigerator.

I requested one Lime Juice to serve till I decide what from the menu written on the chalkboard.

Ghee Pudi Dosa, Puliogar Rice, Sabudana Vada, Goli Bhaji, Dal Vada, Masala Toast.

Again, same issue – I have almost no knowledge about the menu displayed.

Requested the humble waiter to serve whatever he wishes.

Masala Toast was served.

What I like the most was the Masala and Onion mixed within the Toast.

Lime Juice was extraordinary in taste. I would love to have one more someday.

After having Masala Toast, I requested Filter Coffee – my favourite at Ram Ashraya.

Total bill – Rs. 97 only including SGST, CGST.


Lime Juice – Rs. 19, Masala Toast – Rs. 45 and Filter Coffee – Rs. 28.50.

Pocket-friendly in today’s time. Isn’t it?

Another best thing about Ram Ashraya is that one can watch the kitchen area where food is prepared fresh.

Please Note: Ram Ashraya only accepts Cash and Paytm.

Inquired the billing counter person about the opening timings as read it is 5 am.

Current timings: 6:30 am till 8:30 pm

But before Covid-19, timings were from 5 am till 9:30 pm.

On Monday, the restaurant is closed.

I will say, if one wishes to taste authentic, almost like homemade Mangalorean/South Indian food, especially in the early morning hours, please visit Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant.

I have no knowledge about any other restaurants opening at that time in Mumbai. Correct, if I am wrong.

Anyway, if you are at Matunga Road Railway Station (Western Line), walk towards Matunga Z bridge. Cross it and you will reach Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant opposite Kabutar Khana.


If you are at Matunga Railway Station (Central Line), walk a little and turn left. Walk further towards Kabutar Khana (100 meters) to reach Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant on the right-hand side.

Please Note: Matunga Central is the great India’s first railway station to be run entirely by women.

Shyambabu Shetty – The Grandfather of Amarjeet Shetty (current owner – 3rd generation) started Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant in the year 1939. They are from Kapu (Kaup) village from the Udupi district in Karnataka.

Ram Ashraya Udipi Restaurant is 82-year-old and one of the gems of Matunga in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

I noticed there was silence inside the restaurant as everyone thoroughly enjoying their food. The best.

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