I finally found One of The Best Freelance Masseurs in Mumbai

An Affordable, Experienced, Freelance Male Massage Therapist was the search because I cannot afford a massage parlour in Mumbai.

When I am too tired, especially after a long motorbike drive or a long tour, I need a full-body massage to relax.

Full-body massage reduces long journey stress and produces deep relaxation. It’s a natural healing process.

Last 20+ years I am having a massage. A few times at Men’s Salon, very rare at Massage Parlour, but to find an affordable, experienced, freelance male massage therapist was not that easy.

Finally, I found Dilip Gopal Ravanang – a certified, knowledgeable, male massage therapist working for the past 10 years at The Classique Club near Infinity Mall, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Dilip’s journey started as an assistant masseur (male massage therapist) at the age of 35 when he joined MIG Cricket Club at Bandra East, Mumbai. Late Praful helped him for a few months to learn massage techniques. Later he did a massage course at Fort, Mumbai, and re-joined the MIG Cricket Club as a male massage therapist, and worked there for 4 years.

Then he joined Bharat Petroleum at Chembur, but due to long-distance travel, he quit the job and joined The Classique Club.

Dilip’s clients were/are national/international cricketers, television, and Bollywood actors.

What I found the best about Dilip is his professionalism, punctuality, dedication, focus, honesty, and love for his job.

As per my experience, he is the best at Oil Massage, Dry Massage (favourite), and Deep Tissue Massage with a mixture of Thai massage.

I believe (as per my experience), a male massager should have strong fingers/thumb/hands palm – a God’s gift. Secondly, he must know body pressure points very well. And Dilip has that natural gift and knowledge as well.

In general, if the nose is blocked and I am in deep sleep during the massage, I believe I am having the best massage.

Dilip massage removes my body pain, releases muscle tension, and increases flexibility for sure. I find his massage techniques proper. A few times I have to request him for light pressure as his pressures are intense.

It is important to request a masseur to reduce the pressure if one is experiencing pain or uncomfortable. A good massage therapist will listen to you.

Dilip charges are Rs. 500 only for an hour of full-body massage as a freelance massage therapist having 15 years of experience.

There are three ways to have Dilip services:

  1. If you are a Classique Club member.
  2. If you are a guest of The Classique Club member (Rs. 1000 – the charges).
  3. If Dilip agrees to provide his freelance massage therapy on his weekly holiday.

I suggest that before having a full-body massage one should consult a doctor if having any health issue/s.

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