Aaswad – One of The Cheapest and The Best Marathi Restaurants in Mumbai

I was searching Google to find “Best Marathi Restaurant in Mumbai” and Aaswad restaurant was one of the Google results. More than seven thousand reviews were enough to convince me to visit Aaswad restaurant. But this time I thought why not invite a few of my Marathi friends to join too so that the menu order is selected by them only.

We were five friends at Prabhadevi West. Two were Marathi. We didn’t know the exact location of the restaurant. We hired two taxis. Luckily, Taxi Wala was aware of the restaurant’s location. He enhanced our knowledge by saying that Aaswad was earlier near to ShivSena Bhavan in Dadar.

We reached the restaurant within 10 minutes. 30 rupees was each taxi bill. Paid, and we crossed the road to reach Aaswad.

There was a crowd outside the restaurant. People were waiting for their number to enter the restaurant to have their seats. We too approached the man who was writing the queue number. For half an hour we had to wait, and finally, we entered.

The first order was Modak by our Marathi friends. Modak was served with pure ghee. It was awesome.

Pithale Bhaji Bhakari, Bhakari, Masala Rice, Dalimbi Usal – The menu was requested again by our Marathi friends. The taste of the food was too good. Very less spicy with added spices. The aroma of spices was great. It tastes good. I like Marathi food especially because of the spices.

After lunch, I requested gajar halwa, and one of Marathi’s friends requested for gulab jamun.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. It was time to pay the bill. I requested the bill and was surprised by the total amount when the bill was presented. Only Rs. 916. We were five people, which means Rs. 183.20 per head. Nothing I can say about the total amount. To be honest, I can say the restaurant is one of the cheapest and best in Mumbai. Will visit again for sure to try a different menu, but in short what surprised me was the total bill amount. Very cheap and the best.

You can also visit Aaswad restaurant from Dadar West local train station. It’s 10 minutes walking distance. Reach Dadar West, then walk towards Kabutarkhana and then towards the Our Lady of Salvation Church. It’s 2 minutes walking distance from the church.

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