Raipur Bhajiya House – The Oldest and The Best Bhajiyawala in Ahmedabad Town

Raipur Bhajiya House – The Oldest and The Best Bhajiyawala in Ahmedabad Town

Recently I toured the old city of Ahmedabad and stayed at Heritage House in the Khadia locality. Jagdip Mehta is the owner of the Heritage House. We chatted and discussed famous food places in Ahmedabad. I was suggested by Jagdip Ji to visit Raipur Bhajiya House situated at Raipur Darwaja approx. 1 km from his heritage house.

Immediately I searched for the location on Google navigation map but was unable to find it. So I decided to hire an auto and visit Raipur Darwaja. Rs. 20 I paid the auto fare and reached Raipur Darwaja within minutes. Before leaving auto I asked auto wala where is Raipur Bhajiya House?

He smiled and said you want to eat Bhajiya? There is the shop – he showed. Raipur Bhajiya House is situated almost at Raipur Darwaja. They have two shops – one that prepares bhajiya and another shop that sells bhajiya.

There was a queue to purchase bhajiya. I joined the queue but before joining I clicked bhajiyas photo.

After 10 minutes I was in front of the man selling bhajiya. How much for bhajiya – I question. Rs. 20 for 100 grams and Rs. 200 for a kilogram. I paid him 20 rupees to have 100 grams of bhajiya.

He gave me three types of bhajiyas – batata Vada, methi bhajiya and bhajiya with a slice of batata.

I question him – how old is the shop?

He said – 70 to 80 years old.

And what are the timings for shop opening and closing?

He said – 9 am is the opening time and late night at 1 am is the closing time.

Thank you – said I and start eating bhajiyas.

Delicious, fresh, and hot served. They don’t serve any chutney or sauce but without chutney or sauce still, it is mouth-watering. Worth with money and quantity and taste. It is said – they serve the same taste since many years.

After finishing hot bhajiyas I clicked one more photo of the shop.

Now I started walking towards Heritage House. After 10 or 15 minutes I reached Heritage House. Everybody in the house asks me – how were the bhajiyas?

I said – very good.

Jagdip’s Ji father further enhanced my knowledge by saying – Earlier there were 100 mills in Ahmedabad and was called Manchester of India. There were different working shifts for workers. Workers used to visit Raipur Bhajiya House during the day and late at night to have bhajiyas. That makes the shop more famous.

Upon reaching the Mumbai house I searched the internet to know more about Raipur Bhajiya House. I got the following information:

Raipur Bhajiya House was established in 1933 i.e., 87 years old shop. Gujarat’s first chief minister, Jivraj Mehta, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are some of its most famous clientele. No onion-garlic in bhajiyas. Raipur Bhajiya still doesn’t have any branches, home delivery facilities, or online sales.

24x7x365 open.

So, go and try the mouth-watering bhajiya and take those with you who don’t know about it. You will also find KHAMAN (Dhokla) there. Enjoy!

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