History of Jakhoo Temple – Built by Yaksha Rishi

History of Jakhoo Temple – Built by Yaksha Rishi

There is an ancient temple of Hanuman ji on the precipice of the historical Jakhoo mountain of Shimla city. It is a belief that in order to save Lakshmana who fainted when Meghnath hit him with the arrow of Shakti in the battle of Lanka, Shri Hanuman ji was speeding towards the Himalayas to collect Sanjeevani Booti, from the sky suddenly his eyes fell on Yaksha sage doing penance on Jakhoo Parvat. Since time immemorial, this place has been named Jakhoo after his name only (Yaksha+Yak+Yaku = Jakhoo).

Hanuman ji got down here to know the introduction of Sanjivani Booti. Due to his velocity, the Jakhoo mountain which was very high before, half got absorbed in the earth’s womb. After receiving the introduction of Booti, ​​Shri Hanuman ji went towards Drona Parvat to achieve his goal, at the place where Hanuman ji landed, even today his footprints were kept safe in a cottage made of marble behind the temple. By promising the sage to return from this place on his way back, Hanuman ji took a short route via Ayodhya due to excessive time lost in the vicious cycle of Kalanemi. The waiting sage was distraught at the non-return of Shri Hanuman ji. At that time Hanuman ji appeared to the sage and told the reason for not coming. Immediately after his disappearance, a self-manifested idol appeared which is still present in the temple. Yaksha Rishi built this temple to keep the memory of Hanuman alive. After that, the sage disappeared leaving his footprints as memorials.

Since then till today this temple is present here. The devotee of Shri Hanuman ji who worships in this temple with a true heart, Shri Hanuman ji fulfills all his wishes and protects the devotees by killing the wicked.

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