How I Saved Time via Train Travel between Nizamuddin and New Delhi

26 January, 2015 (Republic Day) I reached Hazrat Nizamuddin – the last railway station for the train, but I have to continue further journey till New Delhi railway station. Pre-paid autos for New Delhi were there outside the station but were stopped for a few hours.

What to do? How to reach New Delhi?

I inquire at the railway station general ticket counter – If any train for New Delhi station, a ticket please.

I was given Rs. 10 ordinary train ticket to travel via EMU and the platform number was conveyed. The train EMU arrived at correct time, but for some reason it returned back.

What to do next?

I re-visited the general ticket counter and purchased another ticket. This time Rs. 30 for the ticket but for Mail/Express train. I forgot to return Rs. 10 ticket as I was in a hurry. An express train was about to leave for the New Delhi station. I enter. Within few minutes I was at the New Delhi railway station.

In short the journey between Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station and New Delhi railway station via train saved my time, in fact, money also. In the past I was using an auto service. A new discovery for sure. Thank you, Indian Railways.

A question: Do you know general compartments are next to express/mail train engine or at the end of train near guard compartment.

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