Directions and Distance between Mohali and Kila Raipur

29 January – 1 February Kila Raipur festival 2015 we planned to attend for the first time. We started our Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorcycle from Mohali at 8:15 am. Approx. 27 km driving at 9:00 am we stop for breakfast at Mittran Da Dhaba – the left-hand side of NH 95. After having Aloo Pyaz Paratha with white butter as breakfast and a cup of tea we re-started our journey at 9:45 am.

41 km further driving on National Highway 95 we reached Kohara. Till this point, we are on NH 95 but now we have to turn left for Sahnewal. 10:50 am is the current time.

At Sahnewal – bridge construction work was going on. We have to turn right to drive a few extra km via Sahnewal airport to reach the other side. Directions were narrated by a shopkeeper. During the drive, we crossed NH 1 bridge if I am correct to reach Dhillon.

After another 27 km of driving and we reached Dhillon. Here one has to cross State Highway 11 to drive toward Kila Raipur.

5 km drive we reached Kila Raipur Stadium which is on the left-hand side approx. 100 meters inside the road. The time was 12 Noon.

The total distance between Mohali and Kila Raipur is approx. 100 kms.

Road condition between Mohali till Kila Raipur is fantastic. Total hours journey from Mohali to Kila Raipur by motorbike including breakfast time – almost 4 hours but the next day we reached within 2 hours 30 minutes because of continuous driving till Kohara.

The weather was too cold almost freezing and driving RE motorcycle on a highway was a tough challenge. Drive slow – The mantra.

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