Kharar (Ajitgarh) to Kila Raipur via Ludhiana Journey by Bus

31st January – Third day of Kila Raipur festival 2015 and freezing weather conditions. We decided to visit Kila Raipur by bus instead of motorbike. A local person guided us to reach the Kharar bus stand to get a bus for Ludhiana and from Ludhiana – a bus for Kila Raipur.

We followed the advice. Morning hours at 9 we were at Kharar bus stand. There are many buses for Ludhiana every few minutes. A bus conductor was shouting Ludhiana-Ludhiana-Ludhiana. We enter the bus. At 9:15 the bus started its journey. Rs. 70/- per person is the bus fare between Kharar and Ludhiana. Paid.

At 11:30 am we reached Amar Shaheed Sukhdev Interstate Bus Terminal, Ludhiana. The journey was very much comfortable compared to our motorbike journey in the past two days. Road condition – fantastic.

After reaching the interstate bus terminal we inquired about the bus for Kila Raipur. We were guided by a bus conductor to reach the adjacent local bus terminal. Just 50 meters walking distance we were at the local bus terminal. It was almost empty in comparison to the interstate bus terminal. We inquire about the bus for Kila Raipur.

We were told from pillar no. 9 bus will go to Kila Raipur. Currently, there was no bus but was about to arrive. We were hungry because of no breakfast till now. A small shop opposite pillar no. 4 was making Rotis. We requested breakfast. As it was afternoon hours he said – Thali will be served only. Ok – said I. Rs. 50/- unlimited thali was served which was too good in taste specially Rajma. The food was hot, and the owner himself was preparing rotis. Fantastic in short the food quality.

After lunch, it was time for the Kila Raipur journey. We were getting late a little bit. At 12:05 our bus started its journey to Kila Raipur. Rs. 18/- per person bus fare from Ludhiana to Kila Raipur.

At 1:15 noon hours, we reached Kila Raipur approx. one km before the stadium the bus dropped us. By 1:40 pm we reached Kila Raipur stadium walking one km. The best about this journey – The bus was passed through various villages.

A wish – instead of starting at 9 am it was better if we started much earlier from the Kharar bus stand. The sports were already started when we reached the stadium and spent only a few hours.

Yes, I forgot to tell you about the return journey we inquired from the bus conductor. We were told at 4:50 pm the same bus from the same dropping point we may return to Ludhiana. And let me tell you exactly at 4:50 pm the bus arrived at the same point and we returned to Ludhiana. Such a time of perfection especially by a bus a new experience. Well done.

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