About: New Delhi Railway Station (in Hindi Language)

About: New Delhi Railway Station (in Hindi Language)

The foundation stone of this building was laid on 7 February 1954 and the station was inaugurated on 16 April 1956 by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the President of India. The President started the station by pulling a silver signal lever and the President’s car was started from the new platform.

The stations built before independence were like palaces or forts. But this station was built in a modern way keeping in mind the design and attractiveness of modern architecture. The focus was more on passenger amenities and accessibility than station grandeur or beautification. In the next two decades, in 1977-78, seven crore rupees were spent and the station was upgraded, due to which in 1981 there was a daily traffic of 2.25 lakh passengers. In the year 1977-78, additional platforms were built and a second entrance was opened in the Ajmeri Gate direction for the convenience of the passengers. This feature of this station makes it unique among those stations which have two formal entrances. In the year 1998-99, two more platforms were built and the Ajmeri Gate direction complex area was improved. In the year 2008, four additional platforms were added, which increased the number to 16. In the year 2009, the entire façade was changed in the Ajmeri Gate direction of the station and significant changes were made in other areas. In the year 2010, in the Paharganj direction of the stations, white stones were installed in place of sandstone, and major changes were made to make the road traffic simple and efficient for the convenience of the passengers.

Today New Delhi Railway Station is one of the largest and busiest stations in the Indian Railways system, handling about four lakh passengers and 250 trains daily.

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