Vasudhara Falls – Wash Your Sins Away

Vasudhara Falls – Wash Your Sins Away

At 8:30 am we started our journey on foot from Badrinath because there were no sharing jeeps available for Mana village. Most devotees/tourists visit Mana village on their own or in hired vehicles.

Mana village is 4 km approx. from Badrinath and walking is a good option while watching villagers busy in fields, holy river Alaknanda flowing, Nar Narayan parvat around, and a display board – Last Indian Village.

By 9:30 am we reached Mana village. At 9:40 am we were at Bhim Pul. We spent a few minutes there watching the holy river Saraswati flowing at full speed. Nowhere else except in this area, only one can watch the river Saraswati and a small stream of holy water from Mansarover Lake nearby Bhim Pul And then look towards Keshav Prayag – The confluence of Alaknanda and Saraswati rivers.

At 12:30 noon hours, we reached Vasudhara Falls.

On the way, we saw Bhu Vaikunta. It is said that in the ancient era, people used to do Hindu funeral rites here only before trekking toward Swargarohini.

Dev – The guide further enhanced knowledge about the area. The other side of the Alaknanda river is the path towards Satopanth Lake or even Swargarohini you can say. Chamtoli Bhugyal is the first-day campsite while trekking toward Satopanth Lake. Laxmi Van is also visible and well-known for Bhojpatra trees. In earlier times, sages used to write on the bark of Bhojpatra trees. And one can watch glaciers.

And not to forget, it is believed that if a few drops of Vasudhara Falls touch your skin, all your sins are washed away.

In short, I suggest that if you are fit for trekking and visiting Badrinath you should trek to Vasudhara Falls but start early so that by late afternoon hours you returned to Mana village or Badrinath. Take rainy clothes with you in case it rains.

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