How I Reach from Howrah Junction to Bubble Beds – Backpacker’s Hostel

It was raining when Mumbai to Howrah GITANJALI EXPRESS train reached its destination.

Now the million-dollar question was – How to reach Bubble Beds – Backpacker’s Hostel situated at Pratapaditya Road Near, Rashbehari Junction close to Kalighat metro station, Gate-8.

I was suggested by Bubble Beds and also by my Kolkata friend’s friend about the bus depot near Howrah Junction. I was also informed about non-air-conditioned and air-conditioned bus numbers as follows:

Non-AC: E1, S-5, S-2, S-10A

AC: AC-1, AC-6, AC-24

To reach the bus depot, you have to walk towards platform no. 1 and towards an exit to reach a subway to walk further to reach the bus depot.

As it was raining, I decided to hire Kolkata’s iconic yellow Ambassador taxi.

As I came out of the Howrah Junction platform, I saw 24×7 Prepaid Taxi Service Booth – run by Howrah City Police.

Though it was raining, still there was a queue. I joined the queue and within minutes I was at the window counter.

I was asked about my destination by the counter person.

Rashbehari Junction – I requested.

Rs. 215 – (GST included) – The taxi fare, said the person present.

Amount paid.

I was handed over a printed receipt mentioning my destination.

I walk a little bit and handed over the printed receipt to a police person who guided me towards a yellow Ambassador taxi.

Thank you – said I.

My luggage was kept inside the car trunk by the driver of the yellow Ambassador taxi.

I tried for the front seat journey but was requested by the driver to have a seat at the back seat as sitting in front in a yellow Ambassador taxi is an offense in Kolkata and there is a challan for the same.

Anyway, I sit in the back seat and was on my way to Rashbehari Junction.

The yellow Ambassador taxi took approx. 45 minutes from Howrah Junction to reach Rashbehari Junction.

The day was Sunday, otherwise, the drive from Howrah Junction to Rashbehari Junction takes somewhere between 1 hour to 1 and a half hours – said the driver.

The drive was comfortable. The road and the yellow Ambassador taxi – both were in good condition.

Bubble Beds (opp. ICICI Direct) is situated inside a lane almost opposite Bachan’s Dhaba. 3-4 minutes walk from Rashbehari Junction.

This is how I reach from Howrah Junction to Bubble Beds via 24×7 Prepaid Yellow Ambassador Taxi Service but if there was no rain, I would have taken the air-conditioned bus.

The air-conditioned bus fare from Howrah Junction to Rashbehari Junction is Rs. 25 only.

Please note: Travel via bus if only you are carrying a small piece of luggage.

Otherwise, the yellow taxi is the best option.

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