About: The Indian Museum Ticket/Photography Pricing/Timings

About: The Indian Museum Ticket/Photography Pricing/Timings

The Indian Museum stands on Chowringhee Road between Sudder Street and the United Service Club (now defunct, the premises occupied by the Geological Survey of India). It was built on the site of the Old High School which in 1863 was transferred to Darjeeling (and is now known as St. Paul’s High School). The Museum was opened to the public in 1875. The frontage on Chowringhee is over 300 feet, while the depth facing Sudder Street covers 270 feet. Initially, the Museum was set up by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in about 1814. In 1866 and an Act was passed by the Governor-General of India providing for the establishment of a Public Museum in Calcutta. The provision in the Act for the accommodation of the Asiatic Society of Bengal in the new building was not carried out. In 1876, when the extent of a large number of objects had been meticulously observed, the trustees could see that the Asiatic Society could not be provided with space in the new building, and they were requested to relinquish their claim. A new Act was accordingly passed. In 1874, Lt. Governor George Campbell established a museum in Hastings Street containing mainly specimens of ordinary products of Bengal, e.g. agricultural, minerals, forest, wastes, and other curious objects. These objects were transferred as an annex to the Calcutta International Exhibition in 1883, held at Sudder Street in an open field behind the main Museum. After the closure of the Exhibition, these Bengal Government exhibits, along with other exhibits of the same nature, collected by the Government of India came to form part of the exhibit of the Indian Museum. The Indian Museum today stands tall and elegant with one more storey added is one of the five most eminent museums in the world. It is called Jadughar in the local parlance.

Nearest Metro Station: Park Street

Ticket Pricing of Indian Museum
Indian: Children (Age – from 5 years to 18 years) – Rs. 20, Adult – Rs. 50
Foreigner – Rs. 500

Pricing of Photography
Mobile Camera – Rs. 50.
DSLR – Rs. 100

Timing of Ticket Counter: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Timing of Entry: 10:00 am Onwards
Timing of Exit: 6:00 pm

Monday closed.

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