I bought the Cheapest Branded Collar T-Shirts from a Surplus Garments Store

Globals, Uberologie, Flaunt, Boga, and North Exchange – clothing stores situated at Shastri Nagar (Behind City Mall, New Link Road), Andheri West. Many times I drove through the lane but never visited these stores.

Finally, I decided to visit Uberologie – a clothing store.

Requested the salesman present to show the Collar T-shirt.

A few Collar T-shirts were shown, and I selected a POLO RALPH LAUREN white-colored Collar T-shirt.


Yes – The salesman replied.

How much is the price?

600 rupees only/-.

I tried to bargain, but the salesman said – Fixed Price.

I search Google and the shown results beyond my pocket.

I decided to buy it.

Please show me a few more Collar T-Shirts – I requested.

This time I was shown SCOTCH & SODA Collar T-Shirts.

Without bargaining or Google search, I selected two Collar T-Shirts.

How much is the price?

Rs. 450 only.

Wow! What a fantastic price! – a thought.

Three branded Collar T-Shirts for Rs. 1500/- only. Amount paid.

I was very much happy, but then I questioned the owner – Mr. Naman Gupta.

How come these branded clothes are so cheap?

He enhanced my knowledge as follows:

Manufacturers/Factories receive big orders from branded companies.

Orders are made by manufacturers/factories with overestimations.

A surplus occurs, and these surplus garments are sold by manufacturers/factories to us – the surplus readymade garments retailers/wholesalers at throw-away prices. And we sell to you – The customer at dirt-cheap.

Are these stores also known as export surplus garments stores?

Yes – He said.

My knowledge was enhanced. Thanks to Naman.

I decided, from now-onwards for my tour/journey will buy these surplus readymade garments only. These stores are now one of my favorite places to shop. I definitely recommend that you the readers should visit these surplus readymade garments stores at least once. I am very much sure these surplus readymade garments are not substandard.

Naman suggested that he also sells branded jeans for Rs. 1000 only.

Maybe one day will visit again for sure to buy more – said I.


Today (14.10.2022), I received a WhatsApp message from Uberologie talking about mega discounts for 3 days on T-shirts, Shirts, Jeans, Chinos, Tracks, Shorts, and many more jaw-dropping offers due to the 8th Anniversary of Uberologie.

I immediately decided to visit Uberologie to buy a T-shirt.

And finally, I bought Nautica T-shirt for Rs. 500 only. The maximum retail price of the Nautica T-shirt was Rs. 1699.

Isn’t it a fantastic purchase? What say?

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