Hotel Tarun Niketan – One of The Best Pice Hotels Since 1915

Hotel Tarun Niketan – One of The Best Pice Hotels Since 1915

Parno Mittra - An Indian Actress at Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)Kolkata is one city, where there is no dearth of good street food and restaurants.

Hotel Tarun Niketan is one of them but it is not a restaurant but a pice hotel.

Nearest Metro Station – Kalighat.

There were three reasons to visit Hotel Tarun Niketan.

  1. One of the oldest pice hotels in Kolkata – since 106 years.
  2. It was close to Bubble Beds – Backpackers Hostel in Kolkata.
  3. Imtiaz Ali – an Indian film director visited this hotel to try out their curries.

Hotel Tarun Niketan is established by Deenbandho Deb.

Arun Deb is the current owner.

The question arising within was – What is pice hotel?

The owner, Arun Deb of Tarun Niketan enhanced my knowledge as follows:

Pice means – every food item is individually priced whether it is rice, dal, alu bhaja, chicken, duck eggs curry, gandharaj lemon, etc., or even the banana leaf where the food is served.

Timings: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm / 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm (closed on Holi -festival of colors).

Once you enter the hotel and had a seat, one person comes and puts on the banana (plantain) leaf, the salt, and the gandharaj lemon slice. Next, the person taking your order will place whatever is available hot for the day.

We were two. We requested – Rice, Moog Dal, Alu Bhaja, Chicken, and Egg Curry.Rice, Moong Dal, Egg Curry, Aloo Bhaja and Gandharaj Lemon at Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)The chicken curry and moong dal were just perfect in terms of texture, flavor, and taste.

In totality, The food was absolutely basic, soul-filling, non-spicy, and succulent.

Loved the clean ambiance. Very cordial hospitality. One of the oldest and best pice hotels in South Kolkata – no doubt.

Was my stomach upset?


How much amount did I pay for 2 people meal at Hotel Tarun Niketan?

Rs. 244 only.

In short, an age-old pice hotel, serving good quality traditional home-style Bengali cuisines at affordable prices.

The interiors are simple. The tables are wooden, marble, and the chairs are plastic.

The menu (lots of varieties especially fish) is handwritten via chalk in the Bengali language.

Chalkboard Menu at Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)Menu Board at Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)Like me, if you are unable to read the Bengali language, talk to the owner or the waiter about the menu available for the day.

Note: Their dishes have no onions, and no garlic except fish, meat, and egg preparations.

No Onion, No Garlic - Notice Board at Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)You can see several newspaper cuttings pasted on the walls, bearing the name & review of this pice hotel.Article About Hotel Tarun Niketan by Kolkata on WheelsArticle in Bengali Language About Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)Newspapers Articles About Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)Newspaper Article About Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India)Article About Hotel Tarun Niketan (Kolkata, India) Overall, it was a good experience. Recommended at least once for sure. One of the best value for money. A simple dining place for Bengalis and Non-Bengalis for budget lunch/dinner reminds us of a by-gone era.

Hotel Tarun Niketan is Kolkata’s heritage for sure.

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