About: Lachman Jhula Suspension Bridge (1927-1929)

About - Lachman Jhula Suspension Bridge (Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India)

Span 450 feet
Height of roadway above mean summer water level 59 ft. opened to traffic by H.E. Sir Malcolm Hailey C.C.I.E.. K.C.S.I. Governor of the United Provinces on April 11, 1930.

This bridge was constructed by the public works department during the years 1927-1929. It replaces the old bridge of 284 feet span, which was the gift of Rai Surajmal Jhunjhunwala Bahadur, father of Rai Shewpershad Tulshan Bahadur, and was situated about 200 feet downstream. This was washed away by the great flood of October 1924, which undermined the left abutment. The extra cost of rebuilding this new bridge as nearly as possible on the site of the old bridge has been contributed by Rai Shewpershad Tulshan Bahadur to perpetuate the honoured memory of his father, and no toll or tax will ever be imposed or realized for crossing this bridge.

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