About: Panchakki – Built in the Year 1744

About: Panchakki – Built in the Year 1744


This is a unique scheme, looking at what seems like the use of the siphon method. 6 km from Aurangabad there is Jatwada hill in the north. While digging 30 feet, water springs were found. The stock of water was collected and brought underground from the banks of river Kham to the water mill by a canal and the water was brought to the 20-foot-high wall through a huge earthen pipe, which is still visible falling into the tank in the form of waterfalls.

Hajrat Baba Shah Musafir came here from the Russian city of Gazdavan (Bukhara) and settled here.

Today the form of a water mill has come true due to his efforts. This historical water mill was completed in the year 1744.

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