Eau Chew: 85/86-Year-Old Authentic, Traditional Chinese Family Run Restaurant

Eau Chew: 85/86-Year-Old Authentic, Traditional Chinese Family Run Restaurant

As per internet search results – Eau Chew, Kolkata’s one of the/maybe oldest, traditional family-owned & run Chinese restaurants recently received the Culinary Heritage Award by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).

My Kolkata friend and I decided to visit following Google Maps.

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

Eau Chew Restaurant is 5-7 minutes walking distance from Chandni Chowk metro station situated opposite Bank of India (right-side) and on the 1st floor just behind a closed petrol pump (left-side).

Timings: 12 noon – 3 pm / 6 pm – 10 pm

Sunday morning & Monday evening the restaurant was closed earlier but since the lockdown, there are no holidays.

What is the meaning of Eau Chew? – I question Joel Huang (born and brought up in India).


As there were Britishers around here during the pre-independence era, about 85-86 years back, my great-grandparent (originally from China) opened this restaurant and named it Eau Chew.

My grandfather, my father, and I was born in India. I am the fourth generation.

What is Josephine Noodles? – another query.

It is noodles in the name of my mother – Josephine.

One day a customer, Deep Roy Chowdhury, about 15-20 years back, visited our restaurant and requested noodles. My mother made it and it was very much liked by Deep da and he named it Josephine noodles. That’s how it gets the name.

What are Eau Chew’s signature dishes?

Chimney Soup, and Clear Soup are our signature dishes since starting days of the restaurant. And also Josephine Noodles.

We don’t make Indian-Chinese food. It’s not an Indianised Chinese restaurant. We make Authentic Traditional Chinese Food. Nowadays my mother, my wife, and I take care of this restaurant. Mother and I prepare meals for customers. Hence, you can rest assured about the food quality. We don’t employ any cooks. Last year we received a Heritage tag from INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage – Calcutta & West Bengal Chapters)

We don’t do home deliveries.

Thank you Joel for enhancing our knowledge. Thank again.

And we requested Josephine Noodles (Rs. 550) and 1/2 plate Garlic Chicken (Rs. 270 – 6 pcs.)

Authentic and flavourful Chinese dishes. Homely food – almost.

Josephine noodles – Good-sized prawns & veggies are the main attractions including noodles.

Please Note: Order very carefully because we were only two and the dishes were sufficient to satiate our hunger.

And If you ever want to taste authentic Chinese cuisine in the heart of Kolkata, you may visit Eau Chew.

It was a nice experience. The ambiance is good and the food quality is sumptuous and it was not spicy and less salty.

The staff is courteous. Cleanliness maintained. The owner is friendly.

In short, it is an air-conditioned hidden gem. If again I visit Kolkata, I would definitely visit Eau Chew to taste other dishes.

Cost: I would say Rs 1,000 for two people. If you share your order Rs. 15 will be extra charged.

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