Dhari Devi Temple (Kaliyasaur) – One of the 52 Siddha Peeth of Uttarakhand

Dhari Devi Temple (Kaliyasaur) – One of the 52 Siddha Peeth of Uttarakhand

Dhari Devi Temple is situated 15 km approx. from Srinagar Bus Depot via National Highway 58 at Kaliyasaur in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

And from Rudraprayag to Dhari Devi Temple is 21 Km approx. (Follow National Highway 58)

After offerings and prayers, I met Aashish Pandey – one of the temple priests. Upon the request, he narrated the History of Dhari Devi temple as follows:

It is believed The deity – Dakshin (south-facing) Kali Kalyaneshwari is swayambhu (self-manifested) and the creation of Lord Vishwakarma. The temple is popularly known as Dhari Devi. Within 52 Siddha Peeth of Uttarakhand, Dhari Devi is one of them.

Dhari Devi is the most popular name because in front of the temple across the Alaknanda River is Dhari Gaon (village). Dhari Gaon is said to have existed since the time of Pandavas.

Devi is also known as Shamshaani as Shamshaan (cremation ground) is nearby.

The temple is situated on top of Singh Shila (lion’s rock). If a person watches carefully from the top of the close-by mountains the rock below the temple is as equal as the lion’s head.

The deity changes her face three times within a day.

1. As a child during the morning till early afternoon hours

2. Raudra Roop (angry) since afternoon till evening

And Vridha (old) during evening hours

It is believed sitting alone within the temple in front of the deity is not possible. ShivParvati Shila (rock), Suraj Kund (the place where Adi Shankaracharya had a bath) is very close to the temple.

Thank you, priest – said I. And once more I was walking toward the deity to offer prayers.

Afternoon hours – Raudra Roop, I agree totally. Prayers.


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    please save ancient civilization and culture of Himalayas.make people aware about the value of Indian heritage and preach young generation to preserve it.

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