Koteshwar Mahadev Cave Temple – Three Times a Year Alaknanda Visits the Holy Cave

Koteshwar Mahadev Cave Temple is in Bela Gaon on the banks of Alaknanda – The holy river. Three times a year Alaknanda visits the holy cave. It is said when the Kurukshetra War was over, the Kaurav brothers were killed by Pandavs, and Akashvani (heavenly voice) suggested Pandavas to pray Lord Shiva for Mukti (salvation).

Lord Shiva was present within the cave meditating and Pandavs in search of Lord Shiva. The moment it is known to Lord he shifted from the cave towards Kedarnath. At that time the demons (BrahmaRakshas) residing close to the cave requested the Lord not to leave but Lord Shiva was not willing to stay to grant Mukti (liberation) to Pandavas as he thought maybe in the future each person will do the same (killing act) and will ask for Mukti (salvation). Finally, before moving Lord Shiva granted demons (BrahmaRakshas) a boon, i.e., whoever visits the cave, wishes will be fulfilled. Devotees nowadays visit cave mostly to pray to have children.

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