Devprayag ka Sanchipt Itihas

Devprayag (Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India) ka Sanchipt Itihas

Brief History of Devprayag

(English translation)

  • Welcome to Devbhoomi Devprayag. Shri Ram meditation ground and out of 108 holy places of India one of the holy place.
  • Welcome to Tapobhoomi Devprayag where the founder of “Jagannathpuri” King Indradhumn came to meditate.
  • Shri Ram oldest temple with nagar, katyur architecture and Lord Vishnu 6 feet four-armed idol installed. During Satyug Devsharma Muni meditated at this place. Devprayag is named in the name of Devsharma Muni as per Lord Vishnu wishes.
  • Lord Ram meditated and Pind-Daan was done in the name of father Dashrath.
  • South India Devprayag is known as Kandvennumkadinagram.
  • Gomukh is the starting point of Bhagirathi river and Alkapuri also known as Badrinath is the starting point of Alaknanda merge at Devprayag and known as Ganga. Devprayag is the starting point of the holy river Ganga.