Helpful Maintenance Products for My Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Engine

Würth Automotive Maintenance Products

I was touring Chandigarh. It was time for Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike maintenance. Royal Enfield service station obvious is the choice. This time it was different.

During Engine Oil replacement I saw two liquid products used by the mechanic. One product was used during flushing old engine oil and the other product was used during fresh engine oil refilling.

After the job is done, I inquire with the mechanic about those two liquid products.

I was told one is Engine Flush – Cleaner used to clean the engine before filling new engine oil and the other liquid product is Engine Oil Additive for better engine performance. Even if the motorbike is idle for a few weeks, this Engine Oil Additive helps.

Whether it helps or not or is true or not, I realized it after the service. Yes, as per personal experience, I found the sound of the engine improved a lot. Better thumping sound I can say and better engine sound. Thanks to Royal Enfield for customer care. And thanks to Würth for making Maintenance Products.

How much do I pay for Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark servicing after 30,000 km?

I paid Rs. 1571 only including labour charges.

Element Oil Filter, Engine Flush – Cleaner, Engine Oil Additive, Cap Oil Filter Gasket, Strap, and Oil Change were done. The major cost is Oil Change.

Cheap, isn’t it?

The motorbike is in good condition till date for sure. I always follow the service manual schedule.