Chamrara Devi Temple – Goddess Sati’s Right Foot fell Here

Surinder – a friend and I started the journey by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike from Rishikesh at 10:10 morning hours. After covering 47.5 km we stop to take a left turn.

The time is 11:50 am and we are approx. 20 km before Devprayag.

A left turn towards Link Road is the way towards Chamrara Devi temple situated at Chamrara Village. We left National Highway 58 and drove on a single road having almost nil traffic. Road condition good.

7.5 km more driving and I have to stop the motorbike. Further road condition is not good. Repair work is going on. We decided to walk on foot. One km approx. walking, we reached Chamrara Devi temple. The time was 12:45 noon.

Swami Keshav Uttarakhandi – The temple priest was present. Upon the query about The History of Chamrara Devi Temple, he narrated via chalk and slate because last 11 years he has been in Maun Vrat.

Chamrara Devi temple is situated at Chamrara Village, Devprayag tehsil in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand at a height of 1567 meters above sea level.

As per Shiv Puran, Devi Bhagwat, Kedarkhand Goddess Sati‘s right foot fell at this location thus it is known as Chamrara Devi – apbhransh (distorted in pronunciation having the same meaning) of Charan Devi.

(He explains further – for example, Lakshamanpur with the passage of time becomes Lucknow)

There are no statues or मूर्ति पूजा (worship of idols) done here. Devotees worship the holy Pindi.

Asus (September-October) and Chaitra (March-April) – Navratri is the time for Mela (festival).

Baisakh (April) 10 gate is the month for the festival organized by nearby villagers. Mostly 22 or 23 April each year is the festival date.

Views of the holy Ganga and National Highway 58 are visible far down below.

Nearby the temple is Pundori Village.

I question – How to reach Chamrara Devi temple via public transport?

Once you reach an intersection of link road connecting National Highway 58 you have to walk a little further at National Highway 58 to hire a jeep from Saudpani Village. Jeep hiring charges approx. Rs. 300 for one way i.e., 8 km road route.

Another way to reach the temple is the trekking route which is 3 km and is mostly used by local villagers. Devotees who are not having trekking experience or are not from mountains maybe find the trekking route difficult. The best is the road route.

Landmark: Rajkiya Intermediate College, Munna Khal nearby the temple.

Fantastic. Thank you said I.

It was time for prayers, and we walked toward the temple to offer prayers.

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