Brief History of Surkanda Devi Temple – A Shakti Peetha

Brief History of Surkanda Devi Temple at Kaddukhal, Tehri Garhwal (Uttarakhand, India)

This mountain range is 9,995 feet above sea level and a Shakti Peetha. It is said Kankhal near Haridwar Shree Sati saw the disrespect of her husband – Lord Shankar by her father Daksh Prajapati while Yagya was going on. She was angry thus, jumped into Yagya Kund to end life. Lord Shankar carried the dead body of Sati started roaming all over the world and reached this location. This is the location where Sati head fallen. That is why this mountain location is having immense importance.

It is said King of Swarg Lord Indra did prayers and meditation at this very location thus, it is also known as ‘Surkut.’

Ganga Dushhera, Navratri is the time of festivals at Surkanda Devi temple.