What is the Price of Kulhar Lassi in Dauji/Baldeo?

I with friends visited Dauji/Baldeo to attend the Huranga festival.

While returning we stop to have Kulhar Lassi in Dauji/Baldeo market.

The best about the lassi was the thick cream on top – The icing on the cake.

Gulped the creamiest, lip-smacking lassi. Loved the unforgettable taste.

And not to forget an earthy flavor to the sweet lassi due to Kulhar.

Eco-friendly. Traditional, Refreshing, Sweet Lassi.

The tour is incomplete if one is not having Kulhar Lassi in Dauji/Baldeo.

And the best is, it is not at all heavy on the tummy. A must-try.

The price? Rs. 30 per Kulhar. Not expensive. Isn’t it?

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