A Brief History of Mata Bala Sundari Temple, Trilokpur

A Brief History of Mata Bala Sundari Temple (Trilokpur, Himachal Pradesh, India)

The establishment of the temple of Mata Bala Sundari ji was done by King Pradeep Prakash in the sixteenth century in the Sirmour district. There are different legends about the establishment of this temple. It is said that in the year 1573 A. D. i.e. in Samvat 1630 there was a shortage of salt in the Sirmour district. Most of the salt had to be brought from a place called Deoban in Saharanpur, which is today a town in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Once when Ramdas Mahajan brought salt from Saharanpur, even after selling salt for the whole day, the sack of salt was not empty at all. Ramdas was shocked and upset. He did not understand the matter. The same night he had a divine vision of Mataji in his dream. Mother said that I have come in the form of a Pindi in your sack of salt. You build my grand temple and establish me here ‘You will be reformed’. Ramdas discussed the dream in the court, King Pradeep Prakash ordered the temple to be built there.

According to another legend, there was a Peepal tree in front of Lala Ramdas’s house. There he used to offer water and fruits and flowers every day. Once a fierce storm came and the tree was uprooted. A Pindi appeared in place of that tree. Ramdas brought that Pindi home and started worshiping after bathing it. Pleased with his devotion, the mother appeared to him in his dream and asked him to build a temple. Ramdas ji discussed the dream with the king who devotedly built the temple in Trilokpur. The temple was renovated twice in 1823 by Raja Fateh Prakash and in 1851 by Raja Raghubeer Prakash.