Pahalwan Sweets (Lanka) – 65 Year-Old Famous for ‘Laung Lata’

Pahalwan Sweets (Lanka) – 65 Year-Old Famous for ‘Laung Lata’

We two were nearby Lanka and were deciding to return home, but then I inquired with a shopkeeper about a famous shop selling ‘Laung Lata‘ as I had little knowledge about a shop selling one of the best Launglata in Lanka Crossing. I was guided to visit Lanka and visit Pahalwan Sweets. Thank you – said I.

Within minutes I was there, but first, the request was for two plates, both with one Samosa and one Kachori. It was served with tomato chatni. Delicious – the chatni. Kachori was tightly filled with ‘Sattu‘ and very good in taste. And then I requested one ‘Launglata’. Within Banaras, you will see most of the sweet shops selling Launglata but for this 65-year-old shop, I will say – fantastic preparation.

Samosa – Rs. 4/-

Kachori – Rs. 5

And Launglata – Rs. 8/-

Timings: 9 am – 2 am

I was amazed when the owner said a few times even till 4 in the morning.

And why is Pahalwan the name of the shop?

Because my father was a wrestler (pahalwan) – The owner said showing a photograph.

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