Baba Thandai – With/Without Bhaang (free) Since 60 Years

Baba Thandai – With/Without Bhaang (free) Since 60 Years

One day during the evening hours we – three friends were on our way to have Dahi wale Gol Gappe. At Bansphatak inside a small lane (Hauz Katora), I saw a colorful shop with the display board ‘Baba Thandai‘. I entered as I was interested in Thandai but whether it is ‘Bhaang ki Thandai’ or only ‘Thandai’ prepared with dry fruits, saffron, milk, etc., etc. – The question.

The owner of the 60-year-old shop enhanced my knowledge.

He said – though he serves Thandai only prepared with milk, saffron, dry fruits, etc., etc. but yes, Bhaang is also available for FREE.

We do not take Bhang. We requested for two glasses of Thandai and later one more glass as it was delicious.

Rs. 35/- the cost of one big Thandai glass.

Timings: 1 pm – 10 pm

One should visit.

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