Malaiyo – Seasonal Winter Dessert of Varanasi

Malaiyo – Seasonal Winter Dessert of Varanasi

During the Varanasi tour, I saw numerous locations shops selling yellow-colored sweet stuff. I inquired my friend and was told it is ‘Malaiyo‘ – a delicious seasonal dessert.

Is it as heavy as it looks – said I.

No No. It is very light and delicious – said, dear friend.

One day during the conversation Bhabhi enhanced my knowledge about a shop selling one of the best Malaiyo in the city and i.e., near Chowk.

The next day I was at Dwarkapuri Milk Bahar at Chowk to taste Malaiyo – a seasonal dessert.

Upon query, the shopkeeper said – it is available only after Diwali (festival of lights) till January end.

I requested one Kulhad. Cost – Rs. 15/- only.

My friend was correct. The moment I held Kulhad in my hands it was light, and the moment I taste it – delicious.

Timings: 7 am – 11 pm.

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