Ksheer Sagar – Legacy of Sweetness Since 1968

Afternoon hours I was at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat talking with a Jal Police Sub-Inspector as nobody was present at the tourist assistance booth. The query was about the oldest and most famous sweet shop in Varanasi.

Ksheer Sagar at Sonapura was his recommendation.

Thank you, said I, and we started walking towards Assi Ghat via various ghats till we reached Harishchandra Ghat. And stairs towards Sonapura finally reaching Ksheer Sagar. The shop is since 1968 and is one of the oldest and most famous among locals. Sweets were displayed nicely on the counter tough to select which one to taste, then I had talks with the owner. He suggested a few sweets. I selected Gur ka Rasgulla because I never had it till-date. It was really good. Not too sweet nor very less. Perfect the taste is all I can say in words. Cost – Rs. 15/- per rasgulla. One should visit if touring Varanasi.

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