Radha Rani Mandir – Also known as Shriji Temple or Thakur Shri Ladli ji Maharaj Temple

Radha Rani Mandir, Barsana (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

After the visit of Mandir Shri Kushal Bihari Ji, I walk towards the nearby temple – Radha Rani Mandir situated on top of Brahamachal Parvat (mountain). I had talks with Shri Madan Lal Goswami – The priest present within the temple area and upon my request, he narrated The History of Radha Rani Temple:

Radha Rani Mandir is also known as Shriji Mandir or Thakur Shree Ladli ji Maharaj Mandir. The temple was established by Shri Bhatt Narayan but from time to time various respected devotees such as Todarmal, Gwalior Naresh Man Singh, Jaipur King, Seth Harbulal renovated the temple.

Radha Rani was born in the month of Bhaado (August-September) thus birthday of Radha Rani is celebrated in the month of September. During Shravan month (July-August) Hariyali Teej Jhula Festival commences and during Falgun month (February-March) Lath Mar Holi is organized.

Aarti Timings

5:00/7:30 morning hours

2:00 afternoon hours

7:30/9 evening hours

Thank you – said I.

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